2009 N Geyer SOLD/ CLOSED

Getting this house finally closed for my Buyer was quite a journey.  Last Summer we put it under contract as a Short Sale. Let's just say that the Short Sale was complicated and the lender just decided to foreclose on the property. Next we went to the County Courthouse in Clayton and watched the property not be bidded on by anyone, so the bank bought it back. You may ask, "Why did my client not just buy it at the courthouse steps?" Well you need cash and can not have the purchase based on a loan. We went to see who bought the house so we knew how to track it. There are investors who will buy it for you, though this can be risky. By-the-way….the courthouse auction takes place in a hallway in the courthouse.  Well the bank did not want to deal with selling the property so they just added it to an auction of several properties. Williams and Williams conducted the sale. There was a hoard of people in the house. It was nerve-racking, though my client was the final bidder. She saved $20,000 compared to the Short Sale contract, though she probably would have paid $20,000 to not have gone under all of the stress!

Lovely home….backs to woods and a non-flooding stream complete with minnows, a duck family and more.

Enjoy your house Marianne!



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