Anew Nature: Furniture Restoration and Custom Design Company that Gives Back!


Anew Nature was founded by Robert Karleskint, in 2013, as the result of recognizing communal needs, volunteer work, and a little creative problem solving.

When Robert volunteered with Mission: St. Louis, a St. Louis based non-profit that does GREAT work with our local community, he taught job skills to inner city, marginalized men for only 10 hours a week, outside of his design build construction job.

As he grew to know the men going through Mission: St. Louis’ Job and Leadership Program, he realized his life needed to be about equipping them with marketable skills that would translate into REAL jobs that could be retained over time.

In order to fund the startup of Anew Nature, Robert refinished and painted furniture to sell, which allowed him the chance to teach job skill classes full time.

Another year passed, and Robert knew he wanted to expand the skills he taught.

His goal was to offer unbiased employment to men, with past felony convictions, who completed the internship program.

Specifically, Robert wanted to hire the men that big companies deemed “too much of a risk” to employ at anything but entry level positions, if at all.

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Anew Nature has hired six men who graduated from the internship program.  They have been employed with Anew Nature for 4-23 months until moving on to another job.

Anew Nature serves dozens of interns every year, equipping them with workplace culture skills, tool literacy, professional communications, worksite safety, and most of all – CONFIDENCE.

All I can say is the pieces they have created so far are stunning and absolutely unique. All of them would make a great addition to any contemporary space, loft or even office!

You can help support Anew Nature and their cause on Kickstarter. Here are a few examples:

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Additionally, Anew can create custom pieces that begin with a customer vision and end with an unique and beautiful product.

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