6 Ways to Save Space in Your Kitchen

1. Shelves

Shelves are your best friend in any kitchen, especially one with limited counter and cabinet space. Every kitchen is different, but no matter how small, there is typically at least part of a wall that can accommodate even the smallest shelf. Since shelving comes in various lengths and depths, get creative and look to hang a shelf on your unused surfaces, as in the space above your stove, on the side of a cabinet wall or even above your window.

2. Pot Rail

A pot rail, also called a utensil rack, is a versatile kitchen gadget that accommodates a lot more than just pots. This thin metal pole or strip with S-hooks allows you to hang almost anything that can lay partially flat and has a hole in its handle (for the hook). Think cutting boards, measuring cups, potholders and most cooking utensils. Found in the kitchen section of most home or hardware stores, and with varying lengths from 18 to 36 inches, pot rails can usually fit the space on the side of a cabinet, in a small nook or above the stove.

3. Wire Baskets

Mount a mesh-like wire basket on a wall and you’ve given yourself a resourceful and flexible storage option. Metal baskets are durable, lightweight and come in varying sizes. Look for a wire basket that is flat in the back and comes with wall-mounting hardware. You might also consider using wire magazine racks. Their relatively flat shape and pockets of at least 3 inches in depth can work beautifully in some spaces.

4. Magnetic Knife Strip

Storing your knives in a knife block isn’t always ideal. When counter space is a limited commodity, try hanging your knives on a magnetic, wall-mounted knife rack. This frees up your kitchen counter for food prep or storing small appliances.

5. Pegboard

The pegboard is one of the more ingenious solutions for organizing and creating space in a small kitchen. Julia Child knew this and famously used her pegboard to store her pots and cooking utensils.

6. Hooks

Hooks are the quintessential solution for saving and creating space around your house. Practical, budget-friendly and small in size, they are especially beneficial in a small kitchen. We’ve talked about using S-hooks throughout this story — on a pot rail or in a pegboard. You can also place individual wall hooks on empty wall space around your kitchen to hang almost anything with a handle, from coffee mugs to utensils and pots. Add a bit more style to your kitchen by using unique coat hooks, as shown in this photo.

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