Kitchens of the Future

How nice would it be to have a kitchen where all of your appliance were connected and were completely interactive. A fridge that could take an inventory of what you have on hand and help you find recipes to use those ingredients while they were fresh. That's economical, it is estimated that 40% of the food produced in America goes uneaten, roughly $165 BILLION each year. This year at the Consumer Electronics Show whirlpool showcased just that, a connected kitchen: one that could help you cut down food waste, find great new cooking ideas, and even video chat a distant family member for those times you just can't remember what your grandma put in her chicken and dumplings that made it so good. 

Check out all of the amazing technology Whirlpool showcased at CES this year right HERE.

As seen on the Sotheby's Realty Blog- HERE.

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