(Really) BAD Real Estate Photography

I have neglected to make a post about bad real estate photography so here are a few that I stumbled upon. You can find a ton of them on this website, it is sure to get you laughing!

This is actually a photo of a listing from the Apocalypse…A rare chance to own the actual bathroom from Apocalypse Now. He tried really hard to make this one work. Is that a hand I see? I can see your handExpert Real Estate Scientists are 5-10 years away from uncovering what this photo is…

Scientists claim to be within 5-10 years of understanding what’s going on in this photograph. Sure, it's at the end of the hall to the right. Knock first…

Sure, it’s the end of the hall on the left, in my parent’s bedroom. Knock first.
The feng shui is a little off…

The feng shui is a little off

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