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Saint Joseph


St. Joseph Don’t Fail Me Now!

I go off and on with my faith in Saint Joseph. I decided to try again recently – ordering 20 of them from Amazon ( I usually make a field trip to Catholic Supply near Ted Drewes on Chippewa, though I am modernizing my procurement practices.) – and I am happy to say he is working!!

I had a house on the market for 6 months, planted it with the owner and I had it under contract in less than a week!

Plant him upsides down facing the home and then say a little prayer!  It works for all faiths!

(Note to Blake, my technology and spiritual assistant, I have 34 listings that are not under contract, 14 that are under contract and only 20 St. Joseph statues….please  do the math, order more and figure out where he needs to be planted.  Outfit the drone with an auger & train it to deliver and plant these little guys. We may want to order the larger size for my listings over $1,000,000! Do you think we should develop a St. Joseph app?  P.S.- that picture you used of me makes my nose look too large.)

79 thoughts on “Saint Joseph”

  1. Toni says:

    You are so funny Ted… The 20 Saint Josephs are quite a move…

  2. J. Newman says:

    I would encourage you to get the next batch from Catholic Supply. Support brick & mortar businesses.?

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