St. Louis’s 250th Anniversary is Coming….2014

I have joined the committee to plan St. Louis's 250th Anniversary which is in 2014!  Many special events, programs and exhibits are planned to celebrate this milestone. I am related to our city founders, Madame Chouteau and Pierre Laclede, on both my mother and father's side. We come from the illegitimate lines….Madame Chouteau and Pierre Laclede were never married. There are some descendants from Madame Chouteau's original union who are legitimate, though from her abusive husband. I think I like the ideal of being from her true and lasting love…Laclede. Her life would be a great movie.  Meryl Streep as Madame Chouteau and Daniel Day Lewis as the French Fur Trapper- Laclede…maybe her mean husband, RenĂ© Auguste Chouteau, could be played by Steve Buscemi. I will keep you updated as the committee moves along…2014 will be here before you know it!


Pierre Laclede

2 thoughts on “St. Louis’s 250th Anniversary is Coming….2014”

  1. jen goley says:

    I think I can maybe detect the family resemblance 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    Ted, newcomer to your blog. This has the makings of a good movie, and releasing it in 2013 would set St. Louis up for significant national exposure before the grand plans of the 250th in 14. Pursue it!

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