This is Important!

The Results are in!

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I appreciate everyone who took the time to fill it out! I will go with your suggestions, so start looking for the new content soon! I also addressed a few of the comments!

My only suggestion is actually for your actual listings site. The photo gallery is exceedingly frustrating to use.

I contacted the company and this is the response I received, "I just told the head developer and he said 'we have another gallery that is easier to use and is not flash being released very soon.'" So thanks for the feedback, a fix is on the way!

I'm not seeing your blog posts in my feed on Facebook.

On Facebook, go to my page, and click the button that says "Following", then click "See First". Facebook has been rolling out some new algorithms that figure out what to show on your Feed, and it does not always work as expected! If you still need help, send me an email!

Whenever you have photos of listings or events, I always wish there were more.

I usually try to included 3-5 pictures of the listing, and I always link to the corresponding property website that has a ton of pictures of the properties! I will try to include more photos, but if you can, try clicking the link and let me know if you have any trouble!

Sometimes you tease us with only a couple pictures of a property. I've also had a hard time finding links to the properties if I want more information

I will be the first to admit that I usually do only include a few pictures (mostly because they can fill up the front page of the blog), but I will make sure that I am very consistent on making links easier to locate!

Drones are cool!

I think so too!! I will have some fabulous videos to show pretty soon! So keep your eye out!


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