The Historic ‘Bush’ Estate


“It Feels Like A Country Retreat!”

When you approach this lovely home located in Kirkwood, Missouri you will immediately be greeted by the vast expanse of bushes and nearly 32 species of weeds.



The home features a Natural Privacy Fence™ (patent pending) that protects your home naturally from prying eyes. No longer do you have to maintain expensive wood or chain link fencing to ensure your family’s privacy. Not only this, but the deep wood’s look also helps to keep away pesky neighbors or guests. You can rest at ease knowing that there are Mosquitos and other life teeming in your own front yard.


Don’t let the outside fool you. The interior features a lush bluish carpet with lovely brown stains as well as a complimentary tangled 6ft cable cord!


Entertain your guests in this Color Palette® kitchen with expansive counter space, water purifier and mostly used paper towels.


Your teenage daughter will love this gloomy light deprived room. The walls are painted with lovely shades of purple and are finished with a nice layer of distorted pixels.


Contemporary master bathroom with matching floor and countertop. The room also features a toilet with the lid still up and 8 empty lightbulb sockets. (Can you spot the photographer? V sneaky.)


The carpet comes with decades of history – you can literally see it.

Own it and tear it down for $344,900.

From the listing, “Gorgeous lot in scenic and private Hue Vista subdivision. Houses here are contemporary architecture designed to promote a close relationship with the outdoors and are characterized by large windows, open planning, horizontal lines and simple details. Tear down and build your eco-friendly dream house or rehab and update this 4 bedroom 2.5 bath modern 1950’s ranch. Surveyors Property Report from 1994 shows 1.484 acres – tax record shows less. Hue Vista Subdivision ByLaws state the residences erected in the subdivision shall be of contemporary design, single story, or a split level with a minimum area of 1500 s.f. exclusive of any garage or open breezeway. (see attached document) Act now and make this beautiful property your own!”

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