The Sectional Sofa Saga

I bought a Crate and Barrel sectional, sleeper sofa for my guest house. It thought it would be perfect so my sons could entertain over there and also one of them could have it as their sleeping quarters when in town. After 7 weeks it finally came in!  To my horror I discovered that it was too big to fit in the door to the house. Ugh!  I was referred to Dains Moving who specializes in complex moves. We had to take out a window and hoist the couch through it.  It is in place now….yea! Now I just need to make some more money so I can buy a TV to mount on the wall. The current TV is a little big…..I am thinking the sectional is a little big also, though it will work. I just need to get used to it. I also need a new cocktail table….all in good time.



2 thoughts on “The Sectional Sofa Saga”

  1. Ted, that looks great! Your boys will love it and I don’t think they will mind the tv size. Also, they are going to put their feet on the table, so maybe hold off on a new one. You have gotten so much done!

  2. Katie Compton says:

    Ted, you are a font of knowledge. I just love your blog!

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