Too Good To Be True

Here is a little real estate story….

The other day before I left on vacation, I receive a call on a Sunday afternoon from an agent from Southern Missouri wanting to show one of my listings to a client Sunday night.  It was too little notice for my Sellers and I had to be there for the showing. The agent said that she had a client who was sending his "personal representative" to look at the property and if she liked it…he would buy it and wanted to close in a week….cash!  She asked, "Can your Sellers move out that quickly?"  I said "Yes, if it was a good offer"…she said, "full price!" We lined up a showing for Monday morning.  A little later that night, a different agent from Southern Missouri called me and said she and a Buyer, with the same scenario, that wanted to see the same house Monday morning. I told this agent that I just got a call with the exact same story a moment ago.  I suggested that this agent to call the other agent and compare notes. Well after a while of texting with both agents back and forth and ruining my Sunday TV show watching, I confirmed to meet the 2nd agent in the morning. Any time you hear "quick close…cash..and full price", you get very suspicious.  I told the agent that I would only show the property if the "gentleman" who was buying the property came with his "personal representative". She said "ok"….  

Well the "personal representative" arrived with her agent, some of her family members and no Mr. Buyer. She loved the house and wanted to buy a lot of the furnishings also. I pulled the agent aside and told her that they only way we would consider a contract was if they provided proof of funds or if I could talk to their financial representative. "Sure" she said…."she knows that he is very well qualified". The agent hinted that the "personal representative" may be romantically involved with the Buyer.

I warned my Sellers that this Buyer was fishy and not to get too excited. 

The offer came in at full price, closing that Friday and 10% down in earnest money.  I told the agent that I would not let my client sign the deal until I saw proof of funds or a cashier's check for the earnest money.  She said that her Buyer was important and that she did not want to push him. She said, "It is a full price offer…cash! You will have all of the money Friday."  I asked if she knew the Buyer and she restated that she had many conversations with him and he was very qualified. My Seller countered the offer contingent on the earnest money being deposited within 24 hrs…cashier's check.  They accepted.

The next day I was traveling on my trip and texting with the agent to see about the earnest money. The title company never got it. The agent insisted that this was a good deal. She even sent me a counter to extend the time for the earnest money to get deposited. I told her that we would not extend the time….she said, "Your are going to ruin this deal!"  I still said "no"….she said, "Your are discriminating against this Buyer."  

The next day I continued to text with the agent about the earnest money. She said that the "personal representative" was bringing it to their office in Southern Missouri that day.  The "personal representative" showed up at her Realtor's office and said that her Buyer would be in to bring a cashier's check. 10 AM passed….Noon passed….the "personal representative" was still there waiting….3 PM passed and no Mr. Buyer.

I finally asked the question to the agent…."Has your lady "Personal Representative" ever met Mr. Buyer?  She finally implied that she had discovered they had not met.

What I surmise is that the lady "personal representative" had met Mr. Buyer on some dating platform and after months of chatting, he said he would buy her a house. The poor thing must have been so excited to find love and someone who would buy her an elegant home.  I felt sorry for her.  The Southern Missouri agents were probably so excited about a big sale, that they got duped also. I felt sorry for them to have traveled an hour to see the house and sit with the poor "personal representative" all day. Mr. Buyer must have been a very slick talker.

My Sellers thought it was humorous and I think I had warned then enough not to get excited, that they were not disappointed.

Yes….I also wasted my time also on this.

Too Good To Be True!

P.S…..I have more stories about a woman who said she was Sade's daughter wanting to buy a Ladue estate…a mysterious foundation headquartered in the Dominican Republic making a contract on a large Frontenac house…a man stationed in the middle of the Gulf wanting to buy a CWE house…Indians claiming land rights on a Ladue estate and more!



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