Unexpected Locales

These luxury homes may look like they belong to a specific region, but really they're located in states that may surprise you.  Can you guess their addresses?  Don't let the architecture style fool you!



Hint: The way life should be.

It looks like you would enjoy Pacific views form this contemporary home.  However, you're more likely to see lobster boats and take in spectacular vistas of the bay.  

Where is this abode?



Hint: Our newest state.

This grand Tudor, with high ceilings and a fireplace, exudes formal elegance.  You'd expect to see this beauty tucked in the Northeast, not enjoying an ocean breeze. 

Find this home!



Hint:  This state boasts more miles of rivers than any other.

This home is packed with Southwestern details.  A Mexican clay-tiled floor and turquoise accents elevate this charmer located in a state better known for its spuds than its cacti.

Pick the state!



Hint:  Bluebonnets.

This Colonial's practically in a whole other country.   With a professional 800-foot gym, pool and enormous media room, this home is definitely one you don't want to mess with.

Where is this home?

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