Worst of McMansions

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This one is going up in Huntleigh right on Lindbergh… I look forward to seeing the end result. Some of these are really funny and others are remarkably true. Who comes up with some of these designs? This must keep architects up at night. Check out the rest of these crazy ones below, courtesy McMansionHell.

• Pre-lawsuit EIFS cladding (aka “stucco”) exterior featuring “detailing” and “quoins”
• Obese “rotunda” peppered with stick-on windows
• Three pairs (count ‘em) of French doors that open out to spacious and luxurious balconies metal grills.
• Great architecture: look at all those unique windows!
• In typical McMansion style, this 9,702 square-foot house was built on a 0.82 acre lot, so there’s not much lawn to take care of- low maintenance!
• No dealing with picky sellers here – this house is owned by the bank!


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